Ancient Rome

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Ancient History

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Ancient Rome

• The start of Rome: historians are not sure when Rome began, but they think it began around 1000 B.C. - Some say that Rome was started by Aeneas. The legend is that he sailed the Mediterranean sea after the Greeks captured Troy. One day, he landed in the Tiber. He married the local king's daughter and united the Trojans and the Latins, the local people. He became the "father" of the Romans.• Rome becomes a republic: 509 B.C. - See video below• Romans adopt the Twelve Tables: 450 B.C. - Before, the Roman laws were not writen down, so plebeians claimed that patrician judges often favored their own class. They demanded that the laws be put into writing for everyone to see. The patricians finally agreed, and the Twelve Tables became the basis for all future Roman laws.• Group of senators murder Julius Caesar: 44 B.C. - After Caesar became dictator, some supported him and some did not. His supporters believed that he was a strong leader who brought peace and order to Rome, and his enemies feared that he wanted to be king. These opponents, led by the senators(scroll down)Brutus and Cassius, plotted to kill him. On March 15, Caesar's enemies surounded him and stabbed him to death.• Agustus dies: A.D. 14 - During his rule as emperor, Agustus made many achievements, such as starting Pax Romana, making the empire strong and safe by providing security, rebuilding Rome, feeding the poor by importing grain from Africa, improving Rome's government, and reforming the tax and legal system. After ruling nearly 40 years, Agustus died,• The Colosseum is completed: 80 A.D. - During Vespasian's reign, he began construcion of the Colosseum-a huge amphitheater-in central Rome. The Colosseum was a huge arena that had a seating capasity of about 60,000 people. The Colosseum is still standing today.• Pax Romana ends: A.D. 180 - Pax Romana was a long era of peace and safety in the Roman empire that began with Agustus. The end of Pax Romana came after the death of Marcus Aurelius, who was considered as one of the greatest emperors of Rome. After his death, there was chaos in the empire. This was because of the selfish tendencies of his son and successor, Commodus. This led to the assassination of Commodus and the decline of Rome.

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