Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome

Similarities Today:


Imortality/ mortality:



The architectural structure is the same as Rome used during their time period. Rome used foundations to put their buildings on, same way all houses, buildings, and skyscrapers are built. Rome also had a structured government that is similar to Americas. They had three branches, just like America, the legislative, executive, judicial. Although they did not work exactly the same way America's does.

The power of Julius Caesar was similar to the president. Although he was called the dictator, he did not control the entire government. Julius Caesar only controled a few things, but he did have a strong input on the other things. This is similar to the president he controls a few things, like the nuclear football, but the president can be over ruled on decisions he makes.

Like all people Julius Ceasar Died. This shows that all people, even powerful rulers, will die. Although they can live for ever through pictures, sculptures, and other forms of art. Rome was famous for their sculptures of "supposed" Gods. They made a sculpture of Julius Ceasar thinking he was a God.

Julius Ceasar was assassinated. He was stabbed 35 times. Like John F. Kennedy, who was shot by the "magic bullet," many leaders are targeted to be assassinated. These assassination mostly happend because of people disagreeing with them.

Ancient Rome and Today



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