Ancient Rome Timeline

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Ancient Rome Timeline

201 BC

264 BC

149 BC

218 BC

146 BC

Ancient Rome Timeline

91 BC

284 AD

241 BC

88 BC

60 BC

58 BC

48 BC

44 BC

The First Punic War begins between Rome and Carthage.

The Second Punic War begins. Hannibal of Carthage invades the Italian Peninsula for revenge.

The Third Punic War begins between the former Phoenician Colony of Carthage and the Roman Republic.

The Social War in Rome begins. Some Romans aren't given full citizenship and aren't allowed to hold office.

The First Triumvirate was formed that would help Caesar beome Co-Consul. Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus.

Caesar conquered most of the known world by this time in his ruling.

The First Punic war ends and Rome wins and takes control over Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia.

The Roman armies attacked Carthage and defeated Hannibal, ending the Second Punic War.

The Third and final Punic War ends between Carthage and Rome!

Lucias Conrelius Sulla, a patrician senator elected Consul. After his term he took and army onto Rome.

Caesar set out to conquer Gaul and prevailed after 9 years.

Caesar was stabbed tod eath by the members of the Roman Senate.

After the death of Julius Caesar, the Roman Empire was split into 2: Western & Eastern Empires.

This decision was madeby Emperor Diocletian. The empire would later fall and go into the "Dark Ages".


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