Ancient Rome and Athens

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Ancient Rome and Athens

Ancient Athens And Rome

Ancient Athens

Ancient Roman Empire

Which Empire Do You Want To Live InI would choose to live in ancient Athens. Athens has a very good government system. Although Rome has an extremely excellent army they are constantly going out to war whereas Athens has good government but stays in their community and only fights if needed to. The second reason is that in Athens you aren’t forced to fight. In Athens there is an army but it is optional to join. You may join the army if you want and will only be forced to join if the fate of Athens is at stake. The third reason I would want to live in Athens is because it was a very peaceful town with not much violence. In Athens there was a very sophisticated form of government. You were expected to follow a certain set of laws and not to fight with leaders if they were to make a decision that you don’t agree with. But in Rome there was good amount of violence but there was a large amount of government rules. The final reason I would want to live in Athens is because of their planned meeting and elections. In Athens there was a meeting called the council of 500 which met together about every 2 weeks when they met they discussed plans that would further improve the city and its citizens. So in conclusion I would want to live in ancient Athens because of the government, defense, peace and harmony, and its elections/ meetings.

CITIZENS IN ATHENSCitizens in athens were pretty much free once they were of an old enogh age. they were able to have children, have a wife, and were able to rent homes. athenian citizens also had to follow certain guidelines and rules. most of theese rules were made by the council of 500 and could not be argued.

The government of ancient Athens Ancient Athens had a government form of democracy. A democracy is a form of government when all citizens have the power to vote and be part of decisions.The council of 500Suggested lawsLottery system Some of the advantages of having a democracy is that you are always able to participate in city elections and you can always be a part of city elections and other important events. Some of the disadvantages of having a democracy for a government system is that you always have to attend meetings and always have to be there on time whereas I other governments you are allowed to be free pretty much and you don’t have to deal with events coming up. Some of the events that the Athenians had were, the council of 500, the court system, and the the U.S.

CITIZENS IN ROMERoman citizens were very obedient and did what they were told. Most roman citizens were army members. There were two main types of citizens, the plebeians and the patricians. The plebeians were mostly poor but they still had homes and wives and sometimes kids. The patricians were wealthier and had more possessions then the plebeians and sometimes had plebeian servants.

The government of the ancient Roman EmpireThe government of rome was a republic.A republic is a type of government where supreme power is held by the elected leader(s)Some of the advantages of having a republic for the government is that you follow a base schedule and you don’t really do much out of the ordinary because the supreme leader is in control. Some of the disadvantages are that you aren’t really able to do much other that what the leader wants you to. You are expected to follow a certain set of rules and you are not to disobey them. The U.S. today is not a republic because we are free and we can do our own activities whereas the people that live in ancient Rome were not able to.


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