Ancient Rome

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Ancient History

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Ancient Rome

Here are some kinds of technology:The Aqueducts- The word aqueduct comes from the latin word aqua, which means water and the Latin word for channel, ductus. Each Roman town had at least one. Rome had at least ten because it was a larger town. Sewers- Lines came from latrines and publics baths to River Tiber. They built these only in Rome because it was and still is a larger town. Sewage collectors would collect the waste from houses and sell them to farmers to use as fertilizer.Heating-Rich Romans hired slaves to make warm fires that would travel through the house by going through the walls of the house. Slaves made the fires in basements. Not only in houses, but in public baths too.

What Armour did Soldiers have?

Most children didn’t go to school. They usually hired educated slaves to teach rich kids. Most boys went to school while girls stayed at home to do household chores. Many toys were like todays. There were dolls, rattles, and pull along toys. Some popular pets were dogs, birds, and monkeys.

Who Were the Emperors?

There were about 140 empreors. The first emperor was Augustus Caeser (27 BC-14 AD). He brought peace. Later on there was Nero Caeser (54-68 AD). It is said that he sent his men to set fire to Rome and let it burn. The fire lasted six days and seven nights. Nero blamed the Christians for the fire.

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What Kind of Technology did they have?

What did the Children do?

The Roman Aqueducts

Soldiers often had a pickaxe, a spade (shovel), a mattock (pickaxe), a wooden stake, a bag for food and personal items, pots and pans, a light javelin/ spear, a heavy javelin, a sword and dagger on a leather belt, a wool tunic, an iron chest plate, an irom helmet, a curved, rectangular, wooden shield, and leather shoes for building, defense, and health purposes.

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