Ancient Rome

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Ancient History

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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome by Cody Ryan

people of Rome:The people of Rome were split into a social statuse. That started with slaves, then went to pesants, and then to citizens, and goveners, to the king. Also depending on what statuse you were in effected alot of your life. It effected the way you dressed or even were you lived.

Roman Houses:Pledeians lived in flats. Flats were six to five story tall buildins that had rooms on every story. they would only have one room to call home. witch was small and oncofterble. also the flats were dangerus there could be fires or just structule problems. not every body lived in a building like this the rich got to live in a domus. Witch could fit all the relitives and was only one story.

Mythology: The Romans worshiped many gods. There were many different ways to worship their gods.You could worship them in a public form with other people or privately in your home.The gods that were worshiped orginated from Rome or came from foreign lands that had been conquered by Rome.

Entertainment:The Roman's had two main types of entertainment. One of them was acting, which could be divided up into comedies or tragedies. They were performed in theaters. Gladiators was the other form of entertainment and was held in a colosseum, witch was a huge struture.

Military:The Roman army was the backbone of the Roman Empire. It was made up of Roman citizens who signed up for 20 years of service. They were well trained and an organized army. Roman soliders used a gladius, a sword and carried long shields. Thier armor was made of strips of strong iron which was durable and allowed them to move.

Daily Life:In Rome people would eat a light breakfast and then go to work,but for kids over 7 they went to school. Work or schol would usually last till the afternoon. Then at three pm. peoplewould have dinner.

Fashion:In Rome clothes were made out of wool the clothes were made by the women of the house or the slave (if you were rich). adult male citizens wore white togas. also the hair style was short. And what you wore was very important.

Government:Romes government was very differnt. For starters women could not vote nor could men who were not citezens over 30. Also men that were citizens had to vote they did not have a choice.

Craftsmen and Merchants:In Rome craftsmen and merchants were often slaves who bought their freedom. They worked very hard to make a living some worked in big work shops others worked in there own small shops.

Slaves:IN Rome slaves were often foreners who had been captured and sold at the Roman slave markets. Depending on who bought the slave effected the slaves life tremendisly. Also slaves could be rewarded there freedom or the could save up and buy it.


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