Ancient Rome

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Ancient History

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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

By: Aidan Clancy

General Information-Rome was a vast empire-Romans had many cultural influences-Romans also had Enngineering Feats

LocationRome was located on Italy. One of the main locations we learned about are Pomeii.

PeopleThe people of Rome were Romans. If someone was Born in a certain social structure, they weren't stcuk in that certain social structure. If someone became wealthy and got a better job they would go up on the social structure.

WritingWriting was a useful tool to the Romans, it could share peoples ideas throughout the Roman Empire. These text were found on scrolls and on objects as large as builing, and as small as coins. They are all valuabe, but some were made to comunicate with us. Most people a the peninsula used the Latin alphabet, but the Romans used the Roman alphabet. Most people went to school at 6 or 7 years old. Students learned to read and write on boards covered in wax with a pointed stick called a stylus.Romans used a variety of tools for writing. Everyday writing could be done on a wax tablet or thin leaves. Documents like legal contracts were written in pen and ink on papyrus. Books were written in oen and ink also, and they were writted on papyrus or on parchment. Inscriptions were craved onto buildings or other monuments like triumphal arches.

By (Roman Name): Numerius Licinius Lucanus

Death and BurialMost people in Rome had a short life expectancy because disease was common. Medical knowledge was limited in Ancient Rome, this is because people didn't have the knowledge back then that we have today. Funerary rituals and practice took a central point in the Roman lifestyle. The Romans practiced to styles of burial called "Cremation" and "Inhumation", Cremation is when the body is burnt and Inhumation is when the body is kept intact. Ashes of the dead were placed in urns. Marble Coffins, called a sarcophagus was used to bury the body intact. People wre buried along roads that led to the city, these roads were outside of the walls so disease wouldn't spread. Inhumation became popular so the Romans had to build cemeteries were people could be buried. When land became a short supply the Romans built catacombs made of soft Tufa stone.

MythologyRomans worshipped many Gods and Godesses, so they were Polytheistic. Some gods originated form the Romans, some gods were borrowed from other cultures. Some Roman gods were...-Jupiter (god of the sky, father of the divine family, and patron of Rome)-Juno (Jupiter's wife)-Minerva (goddess of handicrafts, learning, and the arts)-Mars (god of war)Roman god weren't represented with human bodies at first, they were represented with humans quality after the Romans were inspired by the Greeks. Also when the Romans heared stories of the Greek gods, they lovd them so thet adopted evry Greek god. They changed the names of each God and the behavior so they seemed Roman. Every house had a shrine called a Lararium. This was called a Lararium because an ancestors spirit was called a Lar. People poured liquids such as Milk, Oil, or Wine on a sacraficial fire on the altar.

EntertainmentThe theater was a place of entertainment, where people would watch people act out written plays. Most plays were free to go to, but poor people went home because they couldn't afford to keep their oil lamps burning. Also the theaters were Large and full of air, they could also hold up to 7,000 people.The Colosseum was anoter place where people could be entertained. In the Colosseum many Gladiatorial battles happened, the Colosseum could old up to 45,000 spectators. Spectators would watch people fight wild animals or watch Christians get executed by a lion. Why did Romans do this? Well, they did it because they LOVED blood. The crowd of spectators often decided the fate of the loser.The Circus Maximus was another entertainment center where chariot races were held. The circus was specific to Rome and it could hold 250,000 people. Today, a road runs down one side while the other half is still visible. The GREATEST reproduction of the circus maximus ever was in the film "Ben Hur"!The campus was a Old Soldier Drill Ground, the place was turned into a track and field playground. It was near a large section of the tiber river. Many men went there to partake in sports. They played sports such as Foot Racing, Jumping, Archery, Wrestling, and Boxing. When men were done exercising they would take a dip in the river to clean themselves or they would go to the baths. Men all over rome enjoyed Riding, Wrestling, Throwing, and Swimming. Men in the country liked to Hunt, Fish, and Play Ball. There were severa games of throwing and catching, the most popular one involved throwing a ball as high in the air and your partner would try to catch it before it hit the ground. Women were NEVER involved in these sports.

MythsRomans adoped things they liked about a certain land after they conquered it to expand land. They also adopted gods from another culture. The romans adopted every Greek god, after they heared the stories behind them. They changed names and behavior to make the gods sound more roman. Soon they acted like these were roman gods all along. Here are some of the Roman myths.-The Legend of Romulus and Remus -A Tall Tale - The Baby Mercury -The Trouble with Oracles -Apollo and Cassandra-Pluto and the King-Pluto and the River Styx-Minerva and Neptune-Whose Gift is Best? -The Contest -Jupiter, Juno, and Little Io-Orpheus and Eurydice-The Charming Story of Cupid & Psyche-Theseus & Ariadne-Bacchus & Ariadne-King Midas and the Golden Touch -King Midas and the Donkey Ears-Echo & Hera -Echo & Narcissus-Echo & Pan-Ceres and Proserpine and the Reason for Seasons-The Mighty Hercules -Perseus and Medusa-Pandora's Box -Daedalus and Icarus-Myths from Starfall

Rulers and SenatorsRuled by a pair of Consuls, elected by the Senate. Starting in early first A.D., Rome was ruled by Emperors that were usually chosen by the army. Emperors powere came from the suport of the army. Many of the Roman emperors were good military leaders. Emperors supported many building projects to support people like Public Baths, Theaters, Temples, and Amphitheaters. When the emperor died he was proclaimed a god. The throne was pass on to a relative, or promising young man.Senators were wealthy citizens of Rome. They were also members of the Senate. Members of the Senate. Members of the Senate could be chosen to server as Consuls or Provincial Governers.

Daily LifeDespite the Manuscripts, Letters, Speeches, and Inscriptions we have found. We still dont know may thing about Roman life like, where they put their trash. We don't know if they just threw it outside or someone picked it up. Were cats pets or did they just catch rodent like mice and rats? Many question about Roman life stil needs to be answered, or will be answered soon. We already know that most of rome was governed, and quite a bit about romes famous Emperors and Generals. We also knew that parts of Rome turned from small farming villages to large crowded cities with homes that had slaves. The poor lived in apartments with food supplied by the government. We know how the poor dressed and did for their jobs, and we knew how legions fought and dressed. What romans did during the day were School, Work, Siesta, Visiting the Baths, and the Marketplace in the Forum.

SoldiersThe army was the backbone of the Roman empire. They conquered new territories, and were established as the biggest power in the wetern world. The soldiers were divided into two groups: Legions and Auxiliary Troops.Legions were well trained, tough, roman citizens. Being a soldier was their career because they were in that job for 20 to 25 years. Key to the emperors military and political success, so the emperor treated them well.Auxiliary Troops were supplemented by the legions. They protected and guarded the frontier. Recruited from people conquered by the Romans. Usually not Roman citizens. Could be rewarded citizenship for their military service.


Auxiliary Troop


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