Ancient Romans

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Ancient History

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Ancient Romans

One of the Ancient Roman's greatest traditions was the Gladiator. Gladiator's would engage with one another or a wild beast in giant round stadium's called ampitheater's for entertainment.Gladiators were often prisoners taken in war, slaves or criminals. When a gladiator was disabled, they had a 50% chance to live based on popular vote. In later years, however, Gladiators were showered in fame and fortune. Another tradiation was the worship of the gods. The Roman God Neptune is the Roman version of the Greek god Poseidon. This is another example of cross-cultural actions in the ancient world where a great deal of dialogue among different civilizations took place, not merely struggle and warfare.

Roman Government

In 509 BC, the Roman monarchy collapsed, and families of leading citizens began to rule Rome. The shift occurred after Lucius Tarquinius, the last of Rome's seven kings, was overthrown in a popular uprising. The ruling house collapsed, and a republican form of government with elected representatives replaced it. The new Roman government was one of the first to include a senator and a legislation.

Traditions Today

Ancient Romans

Roman Traditons

Government Today

Government and Traditions

Gladiators fought to the death in a giant colosseum back in Ancient Rome, whereas Ultamite Fighters today fight to the amount of unbearable pain inside an octogon in front of thousands of people, just as the Romans did.

Just as today, the Romans moved away from a dictator/monarchy as many countries (Mexico) today are moving away from those types of government.


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