Ancient Roman Military

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Ancient Roman Military

The ancient Roman military had many military rankns. Each rank had certain responsibilities and their armours each had a distinct look to it. Roman armours compared to the barbarians armour was a great difference. The average roman soilder was about 5'9 but the average barbarian soilder reached to about 6 feet tall.

Roman Armory

497 B.C. Battle of Lake Regillus495 B.C. Battle of Aricia482 B.C. Battle of Aricia

Roman legionaries would use a spanish sword called the gladius. The Romans adopted the gladius celtic tribes from Spain. Legionaries would use the gladius for slashing and stabbing. They would use pilums for farther ranged style of combat.

Lasting Impact

The Roman Military has influenced modern day combat with their military tactics back then.

Roman Military

Roman Soilder



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