Ancient Roman Medicine

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Ancient Roman Medicine

Romans were more interested in prevention than cure because they believed that it was easier to prevent people from getting sick than curing them for getting sick Romans had one of the first tools, painkillers and hospitals for medicine. Some of the tools were, arrow extractors,scalpels and forceps and they had to sterilize them in boiling water before using them on a patientThe painkillers were opium and scopolamine and acid vinegar to clean up wounds you can see some of the tools they used during that time. We still use some of these tools now, maybe more developed

Ancient Rome Medicine

The ancient romans made important contributrions into medicine and health. They had to solve simple ideas that we take for granted everyday, there was poor public health so any “discoveries” that were made to improve public health had a major impact of the society and how many people get sick

Many greek doctors came to Rome as slaves Many doctors become valuable additions to households Romans believed that if you had a healthy body you will have a healthy mind They also believed that if you kept fit you would be able to combat illness, so rather than spending money on a doctor they would rather spend money on keeping fit

“It was to Greece that the Romans first owed their knowledge of healing, and of art and science generally, but at no time did the Romans equal the Greeks in mental culture.” ― James Elliott, Outlines of Greek and Roman Medicine

Claudius Galen was one of the most famous Greek physicians who went to Rome and attempted to revive the idea of hippocrates (which was modern medicine) He also wanted to go to Rome for fame and fortune, he certainly achieved the fame and for some romans this was too much because they viewed him with great suspicion and they they decided to flee him away, but shortly after the Emperor invited him back. He stayed there and treated people until death.In the time after he was invited back he ended up reviving hippocrates and had a massive impact on simple modern medicine today such as dealing with fevers, colds, muscle pain and breathing problems


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