Ancient Roman Health & Medicine

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Ancient Roman Health & Medicine

Galen was a famous Roman physician, surgeon, and philosopher. Galen was the son of a rich man, therefore he had the privilege of getting a decent education. With this education, he was abled to study and make the discoveries in sciences such as anatomy. Galen made advances in surgery, and gave the Romans a better knowledge of how the human body works. The Antonian Plague is sometimes referred to as the Plague of Galen because he had lots of knowledge about it. The plague struck when he was in Rome, and Galen was there to study it. Galen is credited with most of the discoveries in Ancient Roman Medicine.


The Romans gained most of their medical interest & knowledge from the Greeks.

The source of all the health related problems for the Romans was their poor hygeine. In other words, they were not the cleanliest, so the diseases spread like wildfire. There was also contamination with their food that was a source of disease in that time. The Romans had no clue most of the time of what they were doing to their bodies.


Below are two tools that the Romans would use when they were in surgery.


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Ancient Roman Health & Medicine


Knowledge from the Greeks

Public Health Facility

These are bone levers. They were used to level fractured bones into position.

These are scalpels and they were used to make incisions.

The Romans believed in public health, so that is why they offered these places.


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