Ancient Roman Cuisine

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Ancient Roman Cuisine

Instead of sitting when eating, the wealthy usually reclined while eating and everyone ate their food with their hands, cut by knives made from antler, wood, or bronze with an iron blade.

Ancient Roman Cuisine

The Romans ate one large meal daily. Their day began with breakfast or ientaculum which was a small meal which never consisted of more than a piece of bread. This was followed by dinner or cena which was the main meal at midday. The last meal, in the evening, was supper or vesperna. As this tradition became weaker, supper became a light lunch or prandium, and dinner was a large meal eaten in the evening.

Roman Daily Meals

Cabbage, onions, garlic, parsnips, lettuce, asparagus, marrows, beans, beats, lentils, and radishes were imported into Rome. Fruits and nuts and a variety of flavored sauces, herbs, and spices became popular in Roman cuisine.

Most of their meals usually consisted of corn or grain, and oil & wine. The wealthy ate different types of exotic foods form faraway lands.

Fish and oysters were also popular along with meat. Around the town of Rome, snails and dormice were bred.

Corn was originally in the form of husked wheat but as time passed, naked wheat was baked into bread. Bread was the most popular food in Rome and to give it more flavor, people sweetened it with honey or cheese and ate it with meat, fish, eggs, or cheese.

The Romans loved wine. They watered it down, heated it, and spiced it. Undiluted wine was common and so was water diluted wine.

What They Ate

Imports and Ingredients in Roman Cuisine

Fish and Oysters

Wheat and Corn


Ways of Eating


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