Ancient Persia's Main Components

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Ancient Persia's Main Components

Royal Road: A good road system was constructed under Darius' rule for communication. The Royal Road ran from Susa in Persia to Sardi in Anatolia, a total of 1, 677 miles.

Cyrus the Great (Persian King ruling from 550 to 539 B.C.) :tolerant towards conquered people, honored their customs, and allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem in 538 B.C.

Standard Coinage: Under Darius' rule, a standard metal coinage was made in order to promote trade and make a standard value so trade was easier

Darius (ruled in 522 B.C.): He developed a well-organized administration and conquered a majority of the nearby land. He also divided the emipire into 3 provinces that had individual relgions, languages, and laws.

Military: Persia had a strong military accompanying the empire which was based on tolerance and diplomacy towards other empires. This helped to make Persia one of the 2 major powers.

The following videos discuss ''Engineering an Empire- The Persian's''. They feature main Persian components such as the Royal Road, the Great leaders, and the drainage and water flow system. Videos flow 1-5 from left to right.

Ancient Persia's Main Components

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