Ancient Mesopotamia

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Ancient History

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Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia

Welcome to Mesopotamia,where our motto is,"You never know when a flood will strike".We are known for our farming,language,religon,agragulture andour social stucture. First off we live in a area with very rich soil,which is great for farming.We never knew how to farm until we saw some wild wheat growing.Now we don't have move really much anymore.We also have our own language called,cuneiform we used this writing to keep track of our animals and trades.This language started out as pictures then it simplified to symbols instead of pictures.One special thing we have is our important religon,we have our on pyrimid like stuctures called Ziggurats.We cherish the thought that our village is being watched by the god that lives in the top of the Ziggurat.Each village may have a different god.We will normally give gifts to the gods,usually when we celebrate something. Ancient Mesopotamia is a wonderful place to live and you come here,for our rich crops plenty of food to give the entire village.We live near two rivers and one dessert,so we have a great area to live in to have our resorces.Come down to mesopotamia and you could win a brand new wagon and maybe you can become king or queen.

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Welcome to Mesopotamia,where our motto is,"you never know when a flood will strike".


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