Ancient Mesopotamia

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Ancient History

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Ancient Mesopotamia

Cuneiform Over 5 thousond years ago, people living in Mesopotamia developed a new form of writing called cuneiform. Scribes-professional writers- recorded tax payments, trades, deaths, marriges, etc. They used hard clay tablets because there was nothing else to write on.Cuneiform was also a new way to communicate for the Mesopotamian civilization. Cuneiform caused the start of history. Now, scribes were able to keep records. Cuneiform is one of the best and one of my favorite Mesopotamian acheivements.

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Hammurabi's Code One of Babylonia's kings, King Hammurabi, was tired of people changing laws whenever they wanted an advantage. So Hammurabi did something no one before him had ever done. He made a set of laws called Hammurabi's Code. He had all the laws written down on clay tablets. Now, if someone broke a law, they can't say it wasn't a law. The expression, "an eye for an eye" means that if you poked a man's eye out, they shall poke out yours. This might have not been a fair way to settle things, but it made the people much more cautious. This set of laws was the start for governments. Hammurabi's Code was a huge impact to the Mesopotamian and future civilizations forever. At the end of the day, we owe it to Hammurabi.

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Ancient Mesopotamia

By: Kevin D. Murray

Can you write your name in cuneiform?


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