Ancient mesopotamia tools

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Ancient mesopotamia tools

Do you want to look good or bad when you go to mesopotamia? "GOOD!" Thats what I thought. here are some tips.....women would want to wear really preaty long dresses and really awesome hats/vails men would wear awewome leather dresses and usually plain kilts but if you want to look the coolest wear a cool kilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ancient Mesopotamian tools for time travel!

From 3500 to 600BC

Do you want to go on an amazing adventure? Then go to ancient mesopotamia and go lion hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to worship gods? Than go to Ancient Mesopotamia. Be careful not to let the gods choose something for you that you don't want!!!!

You can stay in a little hut if you dont want to pay a lot. Or you can stay in a bigger house if you want to spend more.Don't waist all your money!!

You can drink beer or water.If you come at the right time of year you'll get wine!!!!!!!!!!

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