Ancient Maya

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Ancient Maya

Ancient Maya

What Do Mayan's Do For Fun ?

The Mayan played a game called Pok-A-Tok.Every Mayan city had at least one huge ball court that looks similar to the stadiums now.Ball courts were important to the Mayan people also were the games.The games were played in religious festivals every 20 days.Every time a game was played people poured in to watch it.Ball courts were usually positioned beside a temple to honour the heroe twins and the gods and godesses.The court had a huge playing area with a stone hoop at one end.Pok-A-Tok was a very rough sport.Pok-A-Tok is soccer,basketball,and kick ball altogether.The game was played with a hard rubber ball.The ball had to be hit by your buttocks,hips,shoulders or arms.The objective of the game was to hit the ball in the stone rings.The players wore protective clothing.The winning team got prescious jewellery from the team that lost.The Mayan people had a great interest in this sport.One of the Mayan teams were the professional Mayan players and on the other captives from war.They were poorly fed,tired and when the captives were beaten,which always happened that they were sacrificed.

The ball had to be hit through this stone hoop or ring.

This is Pok-A-Tok being played in the ball court.

Where is Ancient Maya Located?

Ancient Maya is located in Central Americawhich is now shared by a few countries such as Mexico,Guatemala,Belize and Honduras.

This is the map of where Ancient Maya is located.

What is the climate like?

In Ancient Maya, there were lots of rain forests and it rained a lot.Although it was raining,it was still very hot in Ancient Maya.

ResourcesWe used thebooks The Mayas,The Ancient Maya,and the book Maya.The website we only used was Mr.Donn.



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