Ancient Macedonia

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Ancient Macedonia

Ancient Macedonia

By: Demitri Pouridis

The Start of Macedonia808 B.C.

Art and Architecture:The Macedonian art and architecture style was more related to the Byzantine style just like the Greeks, Russians, and Albanians. Macedonia emerged around the early Byzantine era so most of the art work is about Constantinople and Archangles. Most of the buildings and art work were made of stone and bricks. The Churchs are a prime example of architect becuase they combine arcs with domes and squares.

Goverment and Social Class:The modern type of goverment Macedonia has is a, Parlimentary Democracy. Due to the ruling of kings throughout the Macedonian Empire the type of goverment was a Monarchy. The three main kings were: Perdiccas, Amyntas, and Phillip II. The social class, was just like now days with the lower-middle-and upper class sections even with the king. Usually the upper class were still dirt poor and had less than basic necessities.

Trade:As you could imagine the Macidonian Empire was huge due to Alexander the Great, so trade was extensive throughout the empire. Most of the traded goods include; animals, clothing, bronze and jems, Mastic, and cured wood.

Agriculture:The ground and soil that was available ancient Macedonia was very soft and less rocky than ferther south in Greece and Turkey. Most of the farming the farming in Macedonia was the herding of cattle, horses, goats and lambs. They also grew lots of vegtables and fruits such as grapes, figs, and pears.

Religion:The main religion in Ancient Macedonia can be closley related to Eastern Orthodoxy. The old Macedonians were said to believe in gods and godesses, but this is a myth. The two Saints above are St. Methodius and St. Cyrcil, both of the city of Solunski.

End of Macedoniaaround 800 A.d


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