Ancient Japan

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Ancient Japan


RaeleeCashwell,Ms.Wilkins.3rd Core.

CitationsBrowne, Eric. Japan-Monkeyshines on Ancient Cultures. Ipsmich: Great Neck, 2001. NCWiseOwl. Web. 18 Mar. 2015.Japanese-Early Civilizations. Fremont: Toucan Valley Publications, 1999.

Geography-Capital was Nara -civilization was located on a series of islands off the coast of Asia -liked to use ideas from the Chinese -14% of their land is unable to be used for farming

Government-Yamato Emperors are said to be the child of the sun Goddess -Japanese had a social ladder (1)the poor had little rights (2)the wealthy had more.-clothes were also used to show rank.-Each time a Emperor or Empress dies they destory their city and begain to build another.

Religion-In 3rd centry Confusianism was introduced -522 C.E Buddhism was introduced -In the mid 1,500 Chistianty was introduced -The Traditional Reilgion was called Shinto, which means way of the Kami (Gods)

Culture-Fancy and colorful textiles are a Acomplishment -The people of the Ancient Japan wore color tie-dyed clothes for everyday work -The Japanese rode horses for travel

Language-Their Language was Japanese alot of influence from Chinese -One letter = One Phomeme -Each character represents a syllable

Architecture-Nara was the First known Japanese city to be planned with regular crossing streets -Nara became a religious center it housed many temples -Temples were built in Chinese style


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