Ancient Israelites

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Ancient Israelites

Holy Days

Hanukkah- In December, the Jews wanted to celebrate because their non-Jewish rulers let them keep their religon. There was only one problem. They only had enough oil to light a lamp for 1 day! However, instead, the lamp stayed lit for 8 days. Now they light 1 candle every night for 8 nights. This tridition is called Hanukkah.Passover- Passover is the time for Jews to remember the Exodus. They only eat flat unrisen bread called matzo because the bakers didn't have enough time to let their bread rise. They recall events in the Exodus during this time.High Holy Days- Two of the most sacred days for Jews.It is the beginning of the new year in the Jews' calender. Yum Kipper asked god to forgive the Jews' sins. Since it is so sacred, they don't eat or drink anything the whole day. It also helps Jews feel closer to Moses and Abraham.

5 Key Events

God's Covenant with Abraham- God made a covenant with Abraham. If he left Mesopotaimia and went to Canaan, "his descendents would be as numerous as the stars in the sky".The Enslavement of the Isrealites- King Ahmose feared that the Israelites were becoming too powerful, and would help the enemies of Egypt, so he hired overseers to force the Isrealites to preform backbreaking labor for him.The Exodus From Egypt- Moses led the Isrealites out of Egypt, but the Egyptian army chased them. Moses, with help from God, parted the Red Sea so the Israelites could escape.Moses Recieving the 10 Commandments- The Isrealites traveled to Mount. Sinai. Moses went up the mountain where God gave him a tablet with 10 commandments on it. God said that if the Isrealites lived by these commandments, he would protect them.Joushua's Conquest of Jericho- God stated that he would bring the Isrialites to " a land flowing with milk and honey". So the Israelites traveled to Jericho, only to find it occupied. Joshua then (with the help of God) brought down the walls of Jericho and therefore, conquored it. The Isrealites had finally returned to the promised land of Canaan.

MosesLed the Isrealites out of slavery from the Egyptains (also known as the Exodus). Parted the Red Sea with help from God, and recieved the 10 commandments.

Ruth and NaomiTwo women in a story in the Torah. Ruth left her home to go with her mother-in-law, Naomi, to Isreal. Their story is shown as an example of devotion to one's family.

Key Figures

MiriamMiriam was the sister of Moses. She was a greatspiritual leader to the Israelites.

King DavidDavid began as a outlaw. He killed the giant Goliath, however, and this gained him enough support to become king once King Saul died. David did many things for the Israelites, including gaining the full support of tribal leaders, and establishing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

King SolomonSolomon was the son of King David. Just like his father, he was a great king. King Solomon expanded the kindom and made many allies which he traded with, and made Israel rich. Also, he built a great temple to God in Jerusalem, which became a center of religious life and a symbol of the Israelites' faith.

Queen Esther and Judge DebroahThese two women were great political and military leaders. They are said to have saved the Hebrew people from thier enimies.


Central Beliefs

-One of the main principals of Judaism is the beleif in only one God, called monotheism. -Another central beleif is education. In ancient Jewish communities, boys would study with teachers to learn about their religion. Today education is also very important to Jews -Jews also beleive in the ideas of justice and righteousness. They ae expected to help anyone who needs it, even strangers. -Closley related to justice and righteousness, obedience and law are big central beleifs to Jews. Moral and religious laws have guided Jews both in the past and today.-The laws Jews most closley follow are the 10 commandments. However, there is also another set of laws called the Mosaic laws, which are believed to have been recorded by Moses, and were another system of laws that God had set down for the Jews. These laws guide many areas of Jews' daily lives, including food and not working on the Sabbath. -Those who still follow the Mosaic Laws are called Orthodox Jews. -The group who chooses not to follow all the ancient laws are called Reform Jews -Conservative Jews is a group who falls in the middle of those two groups. -The laws and principals of Judaism are discribed in several texts, including the Torah, Hebrew Bible, and the Commentaries. -The Torah is five books together in which Ancient Jews recorded their laws -Part of the Hebrew Bible is made up of the Torah. The next is eight books describing messages of Hebrew prophets. Finally, the last 11 books are books of songs, poems, stories etc. -The Commentaries are scholar's commentaries on some of the Jewish laws that are harder to understand.

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