Ancient Indus Valley-Emily,Justice,olivia

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Ancient History

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Ancient Indus Valley-Emily,Justice,olivia



~Indus Valley has a main goddess which is a mother goddess representing fertility, they also worship animals.~Swastikas were a sign of good look. But now swastikas are a sign of hatered. It was a symbol of the Nazi's.~In the Indus Valley there is a scroll that shows a horned figure surrounded by animals; it is called Pashupati, which meant lord of cattle.

Writting: There were only a few people that knew how to write, they were known as scribes. But the traders knew how to read what was written on the seals. Early writting were mainly pictographs and symbols that helped them to remember things. This was called sanscrit.Languages: Indo-european languages believed to derive hypothetical languages because their all family related languages and are widley spoken today in the americas, europe, and western and southern asiaTrade: The long-range trade routes first began in Millennium BCE. This was when the sumerians and mesopotamians traded with the harappan civilization of the Indus Valley. The roman commerce aloud it's emipie to flourish and endure which caused the roman empire to create a stable and secure transpirtation network which enabled them to ship trade goods without them being afarid of piracy.

Ancient Indus Valley


-Bricks-Neat Cities-Great Baths-Tools (Hammers, Knives, Saws, Razors)-Indus Seal-Carnelian Beads-Weight

Social Classes


Trading was the main way how people got goods. Agriculture was also a big part.


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