Ancient India

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Ancient History

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Ancient India


GeographyAncient India has massive mountains with rivers flowing in between. Massive triangular peninsula that is a very dry area. But in some areas they have massive amounts of water.Settlement- 75,000 years ago slowly people began to settle, They have some of the oldest people around. Houses look very similar to each other.

Location- india is the seventh largest country in the world with a total land area of 3.3 million square kilometers. In the north there are towering himalayas which slope out into the great indo-gangetic plains.Region- Major cities: Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalole, Chennai.Place- unlike the great dynastys of Ancient Egypt and china the civilization of Ancient india is still somewhat a mystery.

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Movement- Many men and women also worked in manufacturing, sspining, weaving, printing cotton. Most peolpe in anicent india as asia were farmers in that time period

Cultureclothing- The most traditional clothing for men and women was Dhoti Kurta, Indian Salwar Kameez, and Sherwani.Religon- Hinduism started about 600 bc, the idea of the reinkarrnation became more common among hindus. Most people began to think that after you died you would be reborn into another body.

The top 3 most important inventions that came from Ancient india were medical treament, crucible Steel, the number # zero. the top 10 most popular inventions are; the cotton grin Buttons, natural fibers, surgery, diamonds, dock, and ink.


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