Ancient India

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Ancient History

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Ancient India

Ancient India

FoodThe Ancinet Indians ate barley, peas, wheat, dates, melon, cereals, breads, vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, rice, chickpeas, lentils, cows, pigs, sheep, goats and chickens.

Life and DeathWhen a person died family members and friends held the body then therest of the family and freinds put flowers onthe body. Also they would put rice in the mouth andput coins in the hand.

KidsThe kids in Ancient India went to schools called ashrams. The kids studied: math, science, literature and music.They also learned how to read and write and they learned about their religion.

FunFor fun in Ancient India they raced horses, played cards,did martial arts and wrestling.

AnimalsThe animals in Ancient India were: cows, goats, tigers, black bucks, cranes, rhinos, leopards, white bengal tigers, camels, peococks, cobras, bengal tigers, pigs and chickens.


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