Ancient Greek Theatre

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Ancient Greek Theatre



An Introdution to Greek Theatre

Ancient Greek Theatre

Dionysius' Theatre


Sophocles was one of the 5th Century playwrights who wrote about some of the oldest tradgies in the world. The plays were mainly about royal or lengendary families and their tragic lives, like those of King Oedipus or Electra, daugher of Agamemnon still grip audiences today.

Aristophanes was the greatest repesentative of ancient Greek comedy. His plays have been produced on present day stages in numerous versions. He wrote 40 plays and 11 of them survived. The most talked about was Lysistrata, a humorous tale about a woman who wants to end the war in Greece. After this play, it would be 19 years before he would write another one having to do with politics. He died a few years later.

Theatre was invented by the Greeks about 2,500 years ago. The Theatre of Dionysius is located on the south side of Acropolis in Athens and hosted a religious festival each year in honor of Dionysius. Greek theatres may be considered some of the most spectacular buildings that have survived from ancient times. Many were carefully designed on a hillside, so that the audience could see and hear what was happening on the chorus dance floor, the orchestra. Today, we still use similar seating arrangements for our indoor theatres, except the orchestra is where the music section is. The stage is above and behind it.


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