ancient greek mathematics

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ancient greek mathematics

Euclid's (pictured above) was a famous greek mathematician who lived in Alexandria. He is often reffered to as the "Father of Geometry" because of his work and achievements. Euclid's most famous works is the text "Elements" was used as the main textbook for mathematics and more specifically geometry during his time. The princles used in the text are now the basis for Euclidean geometry.

The Antikythera mechanism was invented in Ancient Greece and is an ancient mechanical computer used for the mathematical calculations of star poistions in the sky.

Ancient Greek Mathematics

Pythagoras was another infamous greek philospher who started a controversial religious movement called pythagoreanism. He is also famous for the discovery of pythagorean theorem.

Achievements of Ancient Greek mathematics include advancements in geometry, the idea of formal proof, mathematical analysis, number theory, applied mathematics, and integral calculus.

Did you know the word "mathematics" derives from the greek word "mathema" meaning "subject of instruction"?

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