Ancient Greek Fashion

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Ancient Greek Fashion

This modern dress here is inspired from a women's chiton. It has two straps on each shoulder and a belt at the waist. The skirts on both the dress and the chiton are very flowy. Unlike the Greeks, These dresses or for formal occasions only.

Modern Dress

Chitons were made from one or two pieces of rectangular cloth. They were sewn at the sides. Brooches or pins were affixed onto the shoulders of the dress.

Ancient Greek Fashion

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS1. What type of clothing was to be found at formal or casual occasions?2. Did they dress according to the weather?3. How has Greek fashion influenced the current fashion industry?4. What materials were used to make Greek clothing?




For formal occasions such as plays or important parties, men amd women in Ancient Greece wore long chitons. Wealthy women would wear jewelry.

These sandals the ancient Greeks wore had many straps. These straps can be seen on sandals people where today. Sandals you can buy in stores today are very much inspired by Greece.



The Greeks made clothing out of several different materials. Some fabrics include linen, cotton, and wool. The more money you had, the nicer fabric you would be able to purchase and use. Most chitons were made out of either linen or cotton. Wealthy citizens could buy dye to color their clothing.

Casual clothing in Ancient Greece isn't that casual compared to casual clothing now. Men and Women would wear short chitons and sandals. women would not wear jewelry, they would save it for special events.

Ancient Greek Fashion has influenced modern day fashion. Whether it is casual or formal, the Greeks have impacted the clothing we wear in the twenty-first century.

Linen Fabric

Cotton Fabric

By: Kathleen, Kaytlin, Jariyah, and Jacob

Wool Fabric


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