Ancient Greek Drama

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Ancient Greek Drama

Ancient Greek Drama

Resources: History Book

There were two types of plays, tragedy and comedy. Tragedy was a serious drama that presented the downfall of an important character. Comedy was a less serious work that often made fun of politics, important people, and ideas of the time. Comedies usually ended happily.

Greek dramas were preformed very often in Greece. Dramas were preformed at almost every religious festival in Greece. There were also contests and prizes for the best plays.

Men preformed all parts of the preormance-even the female roles. Only 2-3 people were allowed on the stage at one time. They often used large masks to easily switch from charecter to charecter.

A drama is a written work designed for actors to preform. Plays or dramas were preformed in large, open-air structures with sloping hillsides for terraced seating. Plays were usually colorful and had a large chorus with a lot dancing and singing.

Greek Tragedy Plays-Sophocles -Aeschylus-EuripidesGreek Comedy Plays-Lysistrata

Thespis- The first actor believed to ever preform in Greece


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