Ancient Greek Art and Architecture

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Ancient Greek Art and Architecture

Ancient Greek Art and Architecture

The Parthenon

Venus De Milo


Greek SculptureIn Genenral

Then Parthenon was built for the Greek goddess Athena to thank her. This temple was built on the highest hill in Athens, the Acropolis ( Acropolis meaning High City). The earlier Parthenon was built in the Archiach Period, and was made out of limestone. After being destroyed it was rebuilt out of marble,and was built by two architects Ictinus and Callicrates. They also hired a sculptor Phedias.

Greek Art Eras-Archiach Period-Early & Mid Classical-Late Classical-Hellinistic Period

Greek ArchitectureIn General

Most Greek sculptures are focused on the human body. Most known Greek sculptures show the ideal human form and figure. The male image was focused on, especially the young male, called a Kouros. Nudity was very important. Greeks used mathematical formulas to figure put proportions of the human.

The Venus De Milo is a sculpture that depicts the Greek goddess Athena. It is made out of marble and is missing it arms. It was named after the island it was found on, Milos. This statue depicts what the greeks thought the perfect woman figure was.

The Greeks developed three very distinct architectural styles. The Doran, Ionic, and Corinthian.







Found In

-scroll design

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Found In

-greece (rarely)



Ancient Greek art and architecture played a major role in Ancient Greece. Without the architects and architecture the Greekswould not have had any of the temples they used to worships the gods and goddesses.To the Ancient Greeks art expressed the mind and the soul. Theywere able to transform stone and marbleinto graceful, magnificent,and inspirantionalpeices of art that have influenced the world up until now.

Greek Architecture & Art video

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