Ancient Greek Architecture

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Ancient Greek Architecture


Ancient Greek Architecture

The Parthenon in Athens was one of the greatest Greek structures ever built. Constructed as a monument to the great goddess Athena, this colossal temple stands at forty-five feet tall, and wasopened to the Greek public in 438 BC. The impressive building still stands today, even after hundreds of thousands of years of weathering. The Parthenon serves as a modelto aspiring architects everywhere.

"Ancient Greek architects strove for the precision and exellence that are the hallmarks of Greek art in general".

Watch this video to get acquainted with three of the most popular stylesof Greek columns; Doric, Ionic and Corinthian

Greek architects were known for theirintricate sculptures and designs, as isdemonstrated by these three pillars thatare supporting the roof of a temple; theyare articulately sculpted from the finest white marble and meticulously detailed. Greek builders truly were masters of their trade.

Ancient Greek architecture was, and still is, one of the most highly respected and prestigious styles of construction ever introduced to the world. This type of building is less of a job of making houses than of making art, as nearly every square inch of nearly every structure in Greece was covered in incredibly precise and decorativedesigns, and aspiring architects today still marvel at the amazingcraftsmanship of Greek houses that are still standing around the world.The three main types of Greek architecture are Doric, Ionic, and Corin-thian. These styles focus mainly on the structure of columns that can be seen often supporting roofs in the ancient city. The Doric order of columns is the simplest, but definitely the most powerful-looking. Pillarsof Doric design have no base, a short, twenty-sided column and are toppedby a circle under a square. The Ionic order is slightly less intimidating, comp-osed of a flat, thick capital (top) sporting decorative curls growing on either side of the slab, a tall, slender column slotted with frets going the the length of the pillar, and a thick, circular base. The Corinthian order is themost articulate of the three, made of a fretted pillar topped by a wavy design of blooming flowers underneath an opening scroll. The base is much like theIonic, looking like a set of rings stacked on top of each other.Greek columns are the main outstanding detail of the ancient city's architecture,and they are constantly amazing and flabbergasting people everywhere. Thank for listening to my presention.

Here is a photo of what Ancient Greece's towns and settlements might have lookedlike; lots of columns and layered roofs decoratethe city.

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