Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece


Some of Greece's greatest philosophers: Plato, Socrates, and Hypocrates

Anciet Greece was a place of great leaps in culture, the fields of learning, archetechture, science, and even the performing arts, just to name a few... -The people lived hapily in the world's first democracy. -They held elections, apointed oficials, and created a judicial system -They became pioneers in science, the first to atribute happenings in the world to nature, rather than the gods. -They develped philosophy, and aproached the world with an open mind -Masters of war, they devised battle tactics that are so effective they are still used today -The Greeks were great writers, and from them we have recieved some of the greatest works to date -The ancient Greek lifestyle continues to influence today: look at Ceasers Palace, movies such as 300 or Clash of the Titans...

This background is a picture ofwhat some consider to be the greatest example of Greek archetechture: The Pantheon

I found this ancient greece rap in the "School Tube" channel :) It says it all...



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