Ancient Greece

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Ancient History

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece 2000 BCE - 300 BCE

PoliticalAncient Greece was split up into city states among which were Sparta, Greece, Thebes, and many others.Some of the city states had different forms of governments; the most common forms were Democracy, Oligarchy, Monarchy, Tyranny.

EconomyAncient Greece would trade among each other by using the bodies of water that surrounded their city-states.Ancient Greece received most of their agricultural need from trade because of the poor quality of their soil.

ReligionMost of the people that lived in Greece were polytheistic and they believed in Greek Myths, also called Greek mythology.The main god of Greek mythology was Zeus and he was the god of lightning.There were three different types of special beings, there was the Olympian god, Titans, and the other gods

SocialIn Ancient Greek society the only people that were considered free men.In Ancient Greece they allowed slave owning and slave trading.The Social classes from most powerful to least consists of, Athens, Metics, Freedmen, then slaves.

IntellectWindmill: a building made by water sources. The buildings would use water power to grind grain.The Olympics: Greek created the Olympics in which people would compete in various sports

ArtAncient Greece stood out from other for its advanced architecture and design in many of its buildings.Artists in Ancient Greece preferred to draw the human body in naturalistic but ideal ways on vases.

Near GeographyGreece is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea which makes it very easy to trade with others.Greece is also surrounded by many mountains which gives Greece the natural borders that make it really hard to conquer.


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