Ancient Greece

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Ancient History

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Ancient Greece

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Life:boys and girlslife for boys and girls during ancient Greek was very different. Both boys and girls would go to school but girls were tought by their mother untill the age of 8 and be prepared for the life of domesticity . While boys still went to school to study reading , writting, basic arithmetic.

Athens:The athens thought they were the best at everything.They thought they had the best schools,army,and the best city-state in all of Greece . Acient Athens was the birh place of the democracy .

Writings:Homer was a well known poet for his witting, ''Iliad'' , the story about how the Greek war against the Trojians , and ''Odyssey'', the tale o fOdysseus then year voyage home to Greece.

Interesting Facts:Boys went to the military when ther turn 18.

Belifes:The Greeks belived in many gods like Aphrodite, because she was the goddes of love and beauty.And Apollo , who is the god of light, truth, poetry, prophecy, and music.. They can worship these gods by doing sacrafices and having temples built for them, and ''praying'' to them.


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