Ancient Greece

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Ancient History

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

An Oligarchy in Greece is when a small group of rich citizens rule

Ancient Greecehas 4 main governments. They are listed To the right -->

A Monarchy in Ancient Greece is when a king or queen rules

A Democracy is when everyone has a say in government and politics .

Tyranny is when someone seizes power by taking it usually illigally

Since they lived so close to water they became dependant on ships, fishing, and, trading.

Ancient Greece is a very mountainous land that is almost completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Greece is made up with more than 1400 islands.

Since greece was so mountainous they could grow olives and grapes with ease

Ancient greece architechure

When Persians invaded Ancient Greece, some city States like Sparts and Athens had to somewhat unite to defend themselves

Some time after the Persians got fended away, The Greeks began the Pelopeniasan war

Peleponisian War

After the persian war, Athens went into their "Golden Age" and they progressed and advanced. Meanwhile Sparta and other pelopenisan States start to envy Athens. Sparta Attacts Athens but Sparta did not have a navy. So Sparta traded a navy for land in Asia Minor with Persia. When Sparta gets a navy, Sparta defeats Athens and they Surrender.


After the Peleponisian war, All of greece was in poverty and extremely weakened. Meanwhile, to the north, A Empire is rising in power, Macedonia. Macedonias plan was to take over all Greeks and persians, which they did, but did it with Terror and kindness. If a state cooperated, They could keep languages, customs, and even Government, If they fought, However, Macedonia would completely destroy the town to the ground


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