Ancient Greece

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Ancient History

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Ancient Greece

2000 B.C- The Minoan Culture thrives.1450 B.C- The Mycenaeans invade Crete750 B.C- Greek city states form.500s B.C -Democracy forms in Athens.460 B.C- The Peloponnesian war begins.325 B.C- Alexander the Great expands his empire from Greece to India.

The Greek gods and godesses were big influences on the Greeks lives. There were many minor gods and godesses, but there were twelve main ones who resided in a throne room on a place called Mount Olympus.1. Zeus- The ruler of all gods, but also the god of the sky. His symbol is the eagle.2. Hera- is Zeus's wife, but they did not have a good relationship due to his intrest in other women. Godess of motherhood and marrige. Her symbols are the peacock and the cow.3. Hades- The god of the underworld. Was usually grumpy because he did not want to be the god of the underworld. Symbol is his Helm of Darkness.4. Persephone- The queen of the underworld and godess of vegitaton. Was kidnapped by Hades which was told to cause winter and fall. Symbol is the pomegranate.5. Poseidon- God of the sea, horses, and earthquakes. Symbols are fish, dolphin, horse, bull, and trident.6. Aphrodite- Godess of love and beauty. Symbols are the rose, mirror, dove, dolphin, scallop, sparrow, and swan.7. Athena- Godess of wisdom and battle strategy.Greeces' capitol city was named after her because she provided them with the olive tree. Symbols are the olive tree and the owl.8. Apollo- the god of the sun, music and poetry. Symbols are the lyre, laurel wreath and bow adn arrows.9. Artemis- Godess of th forest, moon, hunt, and archery. Symbols are bow, arrows, stags, hunting dogs, and the moon.10. Ares- The god of war. Symbols are spear, helmet, dog, chariot, boar, vulture, flaming torch. 11. Hermes- God of thieves, travelers, and roadways. His symbol is the caduceus.12. Hephaestus- God of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, and the art of sculpture. Was married to Aphrodite to prevent conflict amongst the gods. His symbols are the hammer, anvil, tongs, and quail.13. Dionysus- God of wine and fun. Symbols are leopard, leopard skin, panther, tiger, and grapevine.14. Hestia- Godess of hearth an home. Gave up her throne on Olympus for Dionysus so she could sit by the hearth. Her symbol is the hearth.

AncientGreeceBy: Nicole Kanner


GeographyGreece is located in Europe on the southern tip of the Balkan Penninsula. Greece's soil is very rocky and dry, but is suitable for growing olive trees.Greece is also a very mountainous region. There are even parts ofthe mountain range thatgo into the sea, forming some of the islands.

The Parthenon,an example of the great architectual advancement of the Ancient Greeks.

Mythology & Gods

Information SourcesWikipediaHoughton Miflin Ancient Civiliztions TextbookPrinceton Website

Homer- wrote the famous poems the Iliad and the Odyessey.Aesop- Famous for writing poems with animals as the main character.Sophocles- a well known Greek playwright.Pericles- known for being a great leader. Oversaw the construction of the Parthenon.Socrates- Greek philosopher and teacher who answered students questions with questions.Alexander the Great- Was the leader of Macedonia. Conquered many lands on his war campaign.Hypatia- Head of a philosophy school. One of the first women to run a school.


Greeks painted the roofs of their buildings blue to ward of evil spirits.

The shoe company Nike is named after the greek godess of victory.

Reprsentitave Democracy(the U.S has a representative democracy)*Citizens elect representitaves to make decisions for them.*Rich or poor were able to serve in the government.

Direct Democracy* Free males over 18 years old had an equal vote in the assembly.*Women and slaves could not vote.*Majority rule could veto laws.



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