Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Athenian Society

WarFareAthens had an average army and Ahens was also positioned on a hill. This made it hard to conquer Athens. Alough they did have a shore which made them vulnerable. Over time they improved their navy and then had the best navy on Greece,(thanks to Pericles.)

EducationUntil the age of six a boy was educated by his mother or male slave. Then they went to primary school and the teacher was always male. Then when they turn 16 they will have completed the basic education. They can now start studying Science and philosophy. They could also start training for the army. Athenians wanted their t o have a various range of skill and education.

In the Archaic Period Athens was divided into independant states called polis or city states. Athens polis was 2,500 sq kilometres. While the other ones where only about 250 sq kilometres.

In Athens the social structure went in the following order, Upper Class, Middle Class, and Lower Class. Women on the other hand were considered not apart of the Social structure.

Athenians put their faith in the gods and built temples in their names so they could worship them. There belief in them gave them something to believe in.

Athens olive oil was the best in all of greece which boosted their economics gradually.

After Athens created democracy and started to build a nation, their art changed in a way. Potter were at the lower end of the social structure. After Athens started to rise were practicly famous. Potters put time and effort into their pots that they made/painted and then they traded them of to places around the Mediterranean.

Athenian Living conditionsMen: If men weren't training in the military of going on about politics.Tthey were probably going to see some entertainment (Drama.) Women: Women on the other hand were doing what a mother does every day, cleaning, spinning, weaving and other domestic duties.Boys: Of course the boys were at school learning (See education.) Boys also played game and sports such as hockey. Girls: Girls were expeted to do much, they couldn't do any thing except play with their toy at a young age. Then they were married of when they were old enough. Slaves: Slaves also did most of the cleaning served breakfast and took the boys to school. Most slaves were living it rough they didn't paid and when the black death came they they droped like flies

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