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Ancient History

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Ancient Greece

StatuesI don't know about you, but, whenever I think of Greece, I think of statues. Greek statues were origanaly inspired by Egyption art, and eventualy evolved into beautiful, uniqe statues. These statues were sculpted from bronze and are one of the most recanizable peices of art in ancient history. ("Greek Sculpting") As Ancient Greece is recognizable through it's statues, they also have fastenating legends.

LegendsIn Ancient Greece, there where many legends. One of these legends was the Wooden horse. This legend was about how the Greeks used trickery to defeat the city of Troy. The greeks had been at war with them for 10 years, and had decided to end the war once and for all. They sailed their boats to the other end of the island, yet, the people of Troy thought that they had gone home. The Greeks also left behind a humongous wooden horse. The towns folk were very confused at this odd offering. Some of them thought they should bring it into the town, while others thought they should burn it. The next day, a peasent from the Greek army was found lurking near where the Greek ships had been. He told them that the wooden horse was a peace offering, and that they should take the gift. Soon after, when the wooden horse was in the village, the peasent lit a fire on the beach, signaling that Greeks could come. And thet night, a secret door in the belly of the horse was opened, and the Greek soldiers climbed out to start the last battle for th ecity of Troy.(Story Nory) As the Greeks did have a nack for trickery, they also have an interesting language.

Religion As many people know, the Ancient Greeks worshiped many gods. The three most important gods were Zeus, Posiden, and Hedes. Zeus ruled the sky and the highest opinion of most in Greece. Posiden towered over the sea and had a very high opinion among the poeple whom were on and by the sea. Hedes loomed over the underworld and was thought of as wicked and cruel.(Greek Gods and Realigious Practices) As the Greeks had a interesting religion, they also had delicious foods.

Greek LanguageThe letters in the english alphabet were taken from many differant languages around the world. One of the languages that most of the English alphabet were taken from is the Greek alphabet. Some of the letters that are mainly from the Greek alphabet are the letters A and B. In Greek, these letters sound like alpha and beta. In conclusion, the Greeks have many interesting qualitys.

Greek Food In Ancient Greece, they ate many vegtables. Some of these vegtables include olives, grapes, and figs. The Greeks also raised goat for milk and cheese. One of the most interesting things about Greek food was the way they cooked it. Unlike other societys, the Greeks cleaned all of the things they used to cook, even their hands!(Ancient Greece for Kids) The Ancient Greeks had interesting ways to cook, and they also had mystifying legends.

Ancient Greece

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