Ancient Greece

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Ancient Greece

Athens were known as the farmers that grow crops each day. They also had a army. Athens could've get storng they just focused on farming.

Each person in the Sparta's Army carried A spear, a shield, and a sword. All of them had bronze battle armor. Their army was undeafeatable.

Athens and Spartans always traded with each other. All city-states traded with people that are rich. Spartans traded alot because they need stuff to craft there weapons.



Sparta's Army

The Persian Wars is when athens and Persian army teamed up against the Spartans. Spartans won and killed almost all of their men. Persian army and athens almost won.

Old History

Persian Wars

Sparta had a goverment that was really strict with them. Athens had the worst goverment in the history. Athens goverment like made them slaves. Some other city-states had a goverment.



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