Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece

Political SystemsAncient Greece was divided into independent city-states, made up of a city and its surrounding farmland and ruled by one government. Early on in Greek history, tyrants took control of many city-states and ruled with absolute power. In Athens, the largest and most powerful city state, Pericles helped turn the power to the people in the world's first democracy (although only white male citizens could vote).

Ancient Greece

Greek Hoplite soldiers were so effective, with new weapons and armor styles, that they changed the way battle was fought and allowed the Greeks to hold their own against the larger Persian army. Nowhere were hoplites better trained than the militaristic city-state of Sparta.

The Centre of LearningThis Athenian symbol of Greek Cuture is an iconic building which has survived through the ages

The Greeks were known for their advanced pottery and intricate paintings which adorned many of their pots. Pots often featured religious scenes or depictions of daily life.

The Ancient Greeks were famous for their love of sports, and were the inspiration for the modern Olympics. Here is a famous Greek sculpture of an athlete throwing a discus.

“Let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter.” ― Homer, The Iliad

Homer's epic poem the Illiad is the classic and famous tale of the Trojan War, and includes many famous Greek heroes. The Greeks made incredible strides in the arts and sciences.



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