Ancient Greece

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Ancient History

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Ancient Greece

What is Ancient Greece?

Plato: student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. He was one of the founders of Western philosophy and science and he made the Academy in Athens.

Aristotle: first person to observe facts and classify them. He was the teacher of Alexander the Great. He influenced logic and science.

The People...

Hippocrates: came up with idea that diseases had natural causes and the body could heal itself. People in the medical profession now swear his oath before they can be certified.

Homer: a blind poet that wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. His writings were used to teach children about loyalty and courage.

Alexander the Great: was the King of Macedonia and conquered the Persians and many other lands. Became the Pharoah of Egypt, and, whem he died, his 3 generals split the land.

The Events...

Battle of Thermopylae: during the Persian war, the Spartans held back the Persians so that the Athenian navy could escape. The Persians won the battle.

Peloponnesian War: was fought between the two major greek city-states, Athens and Sparta. Sparta won with help from Persia. This caused much distress between the city-states in Greece.

Battle of Issus: one of the major battles during the conquests of Alexander the Great. He and his army defeated the Persian army in this battle to control southern Asia Minor.

Impact on Our World...

The greek culture influenced our current society by giving us dramatic plays, such as tradgedies and comedies. Examples of these are "Romeo and Juliet" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Greek culture also gave us democracy, our current way of government. Finally, it gave us the stories and mythology from their time. We grow up learning about Hercules and the Greek Gods in books and movies that we read and watch.

Exerpt from the movie Hercules by Disney. This is when Hercules fights the Hydra. This shows that we still watch things about Greek mythology.

This video is a summary of all the ways the ancient greeks impacted our world.

"The Song of Seikilos" : composed by Seikilos in honor of dead wife in 200 B.C. . It is the only complete musical composition from Ancient Greece.



  • juliakanazireva 9 years ago

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    But long time ago Bulgarians planted some seeds in Greek history :)

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    This is a really good poster. But think more about the in between relations between important people and events. What elements of the world of ancient Greeks is actually worth knowing nowadays?