Ancient Greece

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Ancient Greece

LESSON 2 * A polis is a Greek city-state, in each polis there is an agora and an acropolis.* Athen's religion went from monarchy, oligarchy, to democracy.*Sparta spent a lot of time building a strong navy, Athens spent most of their time with a government.* Greek's were the first to have the Olympics.*Homer was a famous poet, he wrote the Odyssey and Iliad.

Ancient greece

LESSON 4* Aristotle was Alexander's private philosopher. That was why he was so educated* Alexander and his army conquered many places.* Alexander invented the alphabet and library, he also invented some math vocabulary.* Alexander became sick and died June 323 b.c. in Babylon

LESSON 1*Greece is made up of over 400 islands, Crete is the biggest.* Greece grew crops well-suited for their climates such as grapes and olives. Olives could be used for olive oil, lamp fuel, and body lotion. * Sailing was a life line of ancient greece because farmers did not produce much grain supply, so they had to trade their main crop.

LESSON 3* Two ways the Athens participated in government was assemblies and juries.* Pericles made sure each citizen could take part in the government and he also made sure if they paticipated they got paid.* There are three types of greek column styles; doric, ionic, and corinththian.* Sparta won the Peloponnesian war by cutting off athenian grain supply, starving them to surrender.