Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece

Topic question:how did Ancient Greeces' military contribute to their sucess ?

Ancient Greece

More MilitarySpartas' military was extremly sucessful because of the way they fought; they would all line up side by side and a few ranks deep then they would lock their shields together and stab the enemy with their protuding spears. Spartans' shield was their most valued weapon, if they lost it in battle they would be humiliated.

Battle of MarathonIn 480 B.C Darius I (king of Persia) wanted to conquer Greece. He gathered an army big enough to outnumber any Greek army and sailed to Greece. The Persian army landed in the bay of Marathon. When they fought the Greeks they underestimated their strength so the Athenian army killed 6 000 Persians and only lost 192 soldiers. The Athenians sent a runner 26 miles back to Athens to tell the people of their sucess, when the runner reached Athens he ran to the center of the city shouted that they had won and died of exhaustion (origin of the marathon).

Battle of ThermopylaeDarius gathered an army of 200,000 soldiers and sailed to Greece for the second time. They were meet by a much smaller army of 300 Spartans and about 5 000 Athenians. The Greek army meet the Persians at a small pass on the coast called Thermopylae. The Greek army killed thousands, but the Persians found another pass leading around to the rear off the Greeks. There was another Greek army blocking the pass but they fled because they thought that the Persians would attack their homeland. When news of this treachery reached King Leonidas he told the army to flee. King Leonidas stayed behind with his Spartans, they fought to the death killing as many Persians as possible.

MilitaryAncient Greeces' military was small but powerful; the armys of all the city-states got lots of practice because they would fight each other every summer. They were able to overcome much bigger armys and defend their territory, because Ancient Greece was able to defend their territory against bigger enemys they had lots of time to invade other civilizations territory and increase their strength .



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