Ancient Greece Part II

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Ancient Greece Part II

Ancient Greece Part II


The Ancient Greeks would use agoras (large central meeting places) to buy and sell. Typical agoras would include a market, and a temple.

Government in Ancient GreeceMonarchy- payed taxes, obeyed all laws, king protected the people,king inherited power.Monarchy declined because they fought with rival kings, and dorians destroyed the kingdoms.Oligarchy- Aristocrats made decisions, ordinary citizens said little. Oligarchy declined because they ruled harshly, and there was food shortages.

Government in Ancient GreeceTyranny- Seized power, cancel debts, reformed laws.Tyranny declined because harsh and greedy rulers were overthrown.Democracy- All male citizens made the laws, enforced by a council of 500.Democracy didn't decline because it worked. This is where we even got our government.

Sparta VS. Athens

AthensAll citizens participated in making decisions.People believed in the beauty of mind, body, and spirit.Different citizens pursued different occupations.Girls were educated in writing, music, literature, and dance.

SpartaGirls and women competed through sports.The government gave each citizen their own plot of land.Women were considered full citizens, and had many freedoms.The oligarchy made all decisions for the city-state, although there was a public assmbly.Spartans believed that luxuries would make you weak and lazy.Boys entered the military at age 7. They stayed until they were 18, having little to eat, and learning how to survive.

Role of women/girls in Athensno school, learn domestic life, learn art, reading, writing, math, spinning, weaving, singing, and dancing.Teach daughters how to run household, marry at 12/13 to 30 year old men. Rarely went out into public, must be accopanied by a man.

Role of boys/men in AthensGo to school, complete homework, stay in shape by swimming or going to the gym..Provide for family needs, supervise slaves, work on the farm, choose daughters husband, and inspect their child.

Role of girls/ women in SpartaHelp at home, train in sports- running, wrestling. Married at 13-18 years old.Took care of household and slaves, while men were away at war. Women could go where they wished, and they could also own property.Women could have more than one husband, and could compete in athletic contests.

Role of men/ boys in AthensMen- Stayed in army until they were 60 years old, had more than one wife.Boys- Entered school at seven, and lived in the barracks. When they turned 20, they entered the regular army, returned home at 30 to get married, and then returned to the army.They also participated in physical activities.

Greek Wars and Battles1. Battle of Marathon2.Battle of Salamis3. Battle of Thermopylae4.Battle of Chaeronea

PericlesHelped Athens dominate the Delian LeagueIncluded more citizens in governmentAllowed lower class citizens to run for government



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