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Ancient Greece E S

Zeus was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods. Zeus overthrough his father Cronus. His brothers were Poseiden and Hades, and he married Hera. His weapon is the Thunderbolt which he hurls at those who displease him.


1370 BC - Palace of Knossos destruction1250 BC - Trojan War776 BC - First Olympic games 429 BC - Death of Pericles 403 BC - Democracy restored of Athens322 BCE- Aristotle dies

-It was the first to develop the worlds first Democracy. -They invented the rules of Geometry and Mathmatics.-They created outstanding literature, poetry, and mythology.

The Trojan War

The Trojan war was a Bronze Age conflict between the kingdoms of Troy and Mycenaean greece. The Greeks defeated the Trojans and so the greeks started to make their way back home.


Biography of Zeus



The Trojan Horse

The Trojan horse was a way to get into Troy to try and win the war. The Trojans thought it was a victory trophy. So during the night the greeks got out of the horse and then deafeated the Trojans.

Fun Facts

1. They thought beans were souls of the dead 2. Greece has more airports than any other country 3. About 12 million people speak greek

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