Ancient Greece and The Olympics

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Ancient Greece and The Olympics

Most art that survived from Ancient Greece has been pottery. There were many sculptures and vases dedicated to the Olympian games and victors of the games!. Click HERE to find out more!

It is thought that the first Greek Olympics occurred in 776 BC! This was the inspiration for our current Olympics. Want to know what kind of sports they played? Watch the video below!

The Olympics were directly influenced by the Ancient Greeks' religious beliefs. The games were dedicated to the 12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses. Click HERE to download an Olympics word search to print out and complete!

Did you know that only men were allowed to participate or be a spectator in the Ancient Greek Olympic Games? Read more HERE about the rules of the games and other great Ancient Olympic Facts!

Do you know the symbolic meaning behind the Olympic flame and torch? Find out HERE! Take notes so we can discuss it all in class later this week!


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