Ancient Greece

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Ancient History

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Ancient Greece

due to rocky landscape and mountains the ancient greeks herded goats and sheep they also had trouble with long distance communacations also it made the the land bad for farming which led to the invading of other lands.

the government of sparta was an oligarchy meaning a few wealthy people ruled

sparta history

athens history

athens governmentwas a direct democracy meaning that everyone had a part in the government

during the persian war which was started by the ionion revolt athens joined forces with sparta and other city states and ended it with thier navy deafeating the persians

the part sparta played in the persian war was at thermopylae where 3,000spartans fought the persians in a narrow pass but when the persians got a shortcut through the path froma spartan traitor the spartans were caught offguard so the king leonidas sent most of his troops back while he and the 300 other spartans stayed and fought to the death. after that the athenians deafeated them in a ship battle and after deafeating the persians they enterd their golden age.

after the persian warwhen the athenians began their golden age they formed the delian leauge that made it so that they would protect eachother from enemys

the spartans grew very worried about athens growing power so they foremed the pelopanesion league and eventually the pelopanesion war starts.

after the peloponesian war started the spartans wanted to fight the athenians out in the open but they knew they would be defeated so they made walls all the way to their harbor an had goods inported from there but in the middle of the war a plauge broke out in athens wiping out a third of the population leaving them weak

desperate to win the spartans made a deal with the pesians they got money for a navy in return the persions got some land in asia minor and with their new fleet the spartans deafeted the athenian navy and would go on to ruel for another 30 years but the war basically made both sides bleed out leaving them weak and eventually they would be conquored along with persia by the macadonians.

ancient greece herded sheep and grew olive and grape plants

city state- a self govening city still part of a larger kingdom helots- basiclly the term for slaves at that time


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