Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Aristotle: (384B.C. - 322B.C.) A greek philosopher, student of Plato and teacher of Alexander The Great.

Ancient Olympics

Persian War: Persians set out to punish Greeks for helping rebels. Greeks acheived victory at Marathon but were defeated 10 years later by the Persians at Thermopylae. Pelopnnesian: War fought between Athens and the Peloponnesians led by Sparta.

Homer: Wrote the Iliad & The Odyssey which were used in Greek schools to teach students about honor & bravery. Homer was a blind poet.

Alexander The Great: Born in Macedonia & became Kind in 336 B.C. after his father was killed. Became pharoah of Egypt in 333B.C. Died at age 33 after greatly extending his empire all over the middle east.

Pericles: Athenian general who rebuilt Athens & made the most beautiful Greek city. In charge of the Parthenon. Socrates: Created the Socratic method, his students learned to clarify their thinking & defend their ideas.

Athens, Greece



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