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[2015] KEEGAN BAKER (Default class): ancient greece

Ancient GreeceBy Keegan Baker

GeographyMountains drop into the ocean. Greece is as big as alabama. The coastline is over 9300 miles long. There is several hundred to three thousand islands. The river beads dry up in summer.

ArchitectureThe ancient greeks invented three classical orders: the doric, the ionic, and the corinthain. Doric is the first and boldest. The ionic was built a centry later. Corinthain takes its name from the city of Corin.

Victory and ConquestAthletes were warriors in training. Victory was both the goal in athletic compitition and in battle. Greek citizens loved sports and competitions

Gods, Godesses, and HeroesThe lightning bolt is the main attribute of zeus. Argus is a greek guard with one hundred eyes. Oedipus correctly answered the riddle of the spinx.

Living in StyleWealthy men in cities injoyed freedome, education, and leisure, while women were expected to stay in side and raise children.

Animails Real and ImaginedAncient greeks appricated the strength, courage, cunning speed, and beauty of the animals. Animals also served in important rituals as sacrifices to a god. Also, Ancient greeks created powerfus animals by combining the most terrifying or most powerful feature of animals.

Greek DemocracyAthens grew to be the most poweerful city. If ancient greeks thought an individual was gaining to much polital power, they could banish him for ten years. First, an assembly was held. Than, all citizens voted by writing the name of the person they wanted to banish on a peice of pottery or clay. If someone got more than 6,000 votes, thet person would be banished.

MythsAncient greeks were deeply religous story-tellers. All the gods had magical powers, but not all the gods had the same powers. Whatever powers gods had, they consistant from story to story. Only zeus can throw lightning bolts.

Epics and ActorsThe word theater means seeing place in greek. Theaters seated thousands of citizens. Citizens sometimes stayed for days watching wildly popular plays.

American Cities/Greek NamesTroy was an ancient city made famous in the stories of ancient greece. Troy is also the name of a city in NY.

HousesHouses were built around an open air courtyard. Houses were built of wood, stone, and clay bricks. Houses were sturdy and comfterable. The central courtyard was a wonderfully private place. The courtyard was the center of family life.

EntertainmentAncient greeks were music lovers. Ancient greeks made the olympics. The olympics were held in olympia. Entertainnment was usually related to art. Theaters were used for plays and festivils, and all actors were men.

FashionClothing was loose fitting. People wore sleeveless tunics. Womens tunics were ankel length. Women wore braclets, earrings, and neckleces. Women wore makeup in ancient greece. Pale skin was fashionable. Women had connected eyebrows.

MillitaryAncient greeks invented the use of tecnology in warfare. The ancient greek millitary had a supreme commander, and they rammed ships.

Daily LifeMen had a much better life in ancient greece then women. Omly men could be full citizens. Girls had to do exactly as their father told them. Girls had to marry the person their father picked out for them.


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