[2015] Derek Howe (Default class): Ancient Greece

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[2015] Derek Howe (Default class): Ancient Greece

Ancient GreeceBy: Derek Howe

The geography of Ancient Greece was beautiful. In Ancient Greece the land was shaped by the water. In the winter it would either rain or snow. In the summer there would be cloudless skies. As uasual water was very precious. Ancient Greece was not a country, just a whole lot of independant city-states. That is what the geogrsaphy was like in Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece Victory and Conquest. In Ancient Greece athletes were warriors in training. Victory was the goal in both athletic competition and in battle. Ancient Greece champions achieved status and great fame. Competition was a chance for men to develop and display there arete. Greek citizens loved watching sports and competition.

Meeting the Classical Orders of Greek Architecture. The three original classical orders are Doric, Ionic, Corinthian. Doric was the first and boldest order. The Doric style is sturdy and the capital( on top of the column) is plain. The Ionic Order came a century after the Dionic Order. The Ionic Order was more slender than the Dionic Order. Rising some eight times the width of it's base. Finally, the Corinthain Order was the last original order. Corinthain got it's name from a city called Corinth. The Corinthain Order was like looking like a young maiden. Corinthain is the tallest,most slender, and elabrate of the three original orders. Those are the three original orders of the Ancient Greek Architecture.

Ancient Greek gods and goddesses were very important. The Greeks came up with myths for things that couldn't be explained. A myth is often a story about gods and goddesses, heroes, great deeds, and supernatural powers. Mount Olympus was home to the gods and goddesses. Greek artists and craftsworkers illustrated familiar stories about heroes gods and goddesses. That is why the gods and goddesses were very important to the people of Greece.

Ancient Greeks lived in style. Wealthy men in the cities of Ancient Greece enjoyed education, freedom and leisure time. People didn't wear things that are super different from what we wear today. The woman wore bright colors. Also the woman wore makeup. Men and woman wore perfume or scented oils to smell better. The wealthy men and woman wore jewelry out of gold and silver. That is how people from Ancient Greece lived in style.

In Ancient Greece epics and actors were important. The hilly terrain of the Greek countryside litterally formed the theaters of Ancint Greece poems. In the 8th century B.C., Homer recorded the earliest and greatest pieces of Ancient Greek literature. During these plays woman were not allowed to watch and men played every role including woman. Instead the woman would probably be home preparing a meal for the family as the kids played in the house with the mother. That is why epics and actors are important to Ancient Greek history.

Death and Burial of Ancient Greeks is not at all what it's like today. For the Greeks death uasually came at a young age. Most young men died in battle. Some women died at home giving birth to children. Bodies were either cremated or buried and a funeral procession would escort the ashes or corpse to the family’s burial plot in the cemetery outside the city walls. That is how the people of Ancient Greece uasually died and how they were buried.

The Greeks Ancient democracy. Democracy is the rule of people. Kratos means the rule of the government. Demo means the people. In the Greek democracy had patches of prized land became fierce independent lands. The coins of Ancient Greece represented their patron greek gods or animals. That is the Greek democracy.

Ancient Greece had real and imaginative animals. Greeks appreciated the strength, cunning, speed, courage and beauty of animals. Sometimes the Greeks combined several powerful animals into one single imaginary beast. Greeks created there own monsters and mythical beasts by combining the most powerful beasts. The ancient griffins, satyr and sirens are examples of these beasts.

Some American cities have Greek names.Athens was named after the goddess of wisdom, Athena because she and Poisidon were fighting over who the city would be named after. Poseidon gave the city a salt water fountain and Athena gave the city a olive tree. The pepole of the city chose Athena's olive tree over Poseidons salt water fountain( of course that is in Greek Mythology). Troy was a legendary city made famous in the stories of Ancient Greece.Epic poems attributed by Homer in the 8th century B.C. Marathon was the site of a pivotal battle in which the Athenians defeated the Persians. That is why Greek names are noe American cities.


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