Ancient Eqyptian Food

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Ancient Eqyptian Food

Emmer,or faro, was the main grain cultivated in ancient Egypt.

All Egyptians, no matter their rank, ate bread and drank beer at every meal.

Laborors at two meals a day, while nobles, priests and royalty at three.

Only temple officials were allowed to cure fish.

Priests and Royalty frequently ate abundant feasts.

For dessert, the Egyptians ate dates, raisins, and other dried fruit.

Even the poor could afford to eat fish, fruits, and vegetables.

The wealthy drank wine made of grapes, pomegranates, and dates.

Pork was associated with with Seth, an evil god.

Dairy products like butter and cheese were only consumed by nobles and royalty.

Cumin, coriander, sesame, dill, and fennel were spices used to flavor meat.

Poor Egyptians rarely ate meat.

The Egyptians were thought to have eaten better than most others in the ancient world.

In order to sweeten their food, wealthy Egyptians used honey, while poor Egyptians used crushed dates.

Wheat and barley were big crops grown in Egypt because of the rich, fertile soil.

Ancient Egyptian food is in the society category. This connects because in society, there are social classes, or ranks. When it came to food, the lower you were on the social rank, the worse you ate, and vice versa. For instance, slaves and laborers only ate two small meals a day, while priests, nobles and royalty at three substantial meals. This category matters for civilization because society is what people's lives revolve around. Relationships with other human beings are what we live for and thrive on.

Hunters captured a variety of wild game, including hippos, gazelles, and cranes.


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    good, it was interesting to hear about how pork was associated with an evil God.

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    I love the topic and how specific you were

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    Being a professional chef, I understand that their food was very good and advanced and it was cool learning about it.

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    i like how you did foods pictures, they look yummy

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    I found the differences between what the lower class and what the upper class ate very interesting.