Ancient Egyptian Sculpture

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Ancient Egyptian Sculpture

Ancient EgyptianSculpture

Famous SculpturesOne of the most famous Ancient Egyptian sculptures is the statue to the right. It is a carved bust of Queen Nefertiti. Even though it doesn't seem like a sculpture, King Tut's funerary mask is also a very famous sculpture. It's made of solid gold! Did you know he died when he was 19 in 1323 BCE?

MaterialsAncient Egyptian sculptors and jewelers used many different materials for their projects. Some of the most common materials were stone, gold, silver, lapis lazuli, and malachite. Gold, silver, and lapis lazuli were normally from mines in Central Asia. Other semi-precious materials were found in local quarries.

Different TypesThere are many different types of sculpture. Well, obviusly, there are statues, but there were sculptures called reliefs. There were two different types; raised and sunken. They were normally carved in soft limestone, or sometimes sandstone.

3,300-year-old bust ofQueen Nefertiti(very famous)


An Egyptian ReliefSculpture

"Seated Scribe"Anonymous

King Tutankhamun's funerary mask


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